What We Do

COMO Consulting’s number one aim is for you to move to Spain successfully with as little hassle as possible. To do so, we offer the following services from our experienced team:

  • Online Sessions with a free email follow-up
    Test our knowledge of life in Spain, live, via Skype or Google Hangouts. We’ll field all of your questions about living in Spain and if anything is left unanswered we’ll shoot you an email.
    40€ for an hour session
  • Residency consultations
    Confused about how to move to Spain legally or stay long term? COMO has worked with dozens of clients on a number of different visa and residency issues. Let us talk you through your options.
    50€ for an hour session
  • Visa and residency application assistance
    Confused about the papers you’ll need to submit for your Spanish visa or residency permit? Let us help you organize it all. We can walk you through the process by helping you locate all of the correct offices, correctly fill out each form and keep you on schedule and on your way to enjoying Spain long-term.
  • Relocation aid
    Need help deciphering the fine print or someone who’s got your back at the Foreigner’s office? Let COMO help you! Schedule a Skype session with us and we can walk you through looking for an apartment online or opening a bank account. If you’re in Sevilla, let us help you in person. We will accompany clients to the bank, to look at a possible apartments or even to a Government office.
    30€ an hour for face-to-face assistance

We also offer assistance in the following fields:

  • free referrals to bilingual lawyers and accountants
  • job search support
  • access to higher studies in Spain
  • driving licenses

Send us an email or schedule a Skype session for more details and assistance.

Curious about what it’s like to live in Spain? Add our blog to your reading list for articles about living in, working in and enjoying Spain.