We’ll Be Back

Hey guys.

We wanted to explain the radio silence around here. You see, it’s been a busy and difficult last few weeks for both of us dealing with that little thing called la vida. Hayley’s month-long search for a new apartment culminated with a move and IKEA furniture assembly. Meanwhile Cat is on the prowl for houses to buy. Plus, like all good ex-pats, we’re skipping town for a week to India! All of that on top of our full time jobs.

Expat life in Spain continues to be a challenge from time to time, between the language and the bureaucratic system and the daily headaches of looking for parking and getting to work on time. If you’re already in Spain, you’ll know what we’re getting at. And if you’re not, well, you’ll soon find out! We believe that by being sincere and explaining our absence over the past few weeks, you’ll appreciate that we’re just like you – two Americans living in Spain who have to occasionally deal with the hiccups that life tends to plague you with when least expected.

Thanks for your patience – and just like the Terminator, we’ll be back, once we’ve successfully eaten India out of curry.

Cat & Hayley

It hasn't been all work and no play. We did find time to celebrate a dear friend's birthday at a 1920's Speakeasy.

Alright, we admit it hasn’t been all work and no play. We did find the time to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday at a 1920’s Speakeasy.

Author: Cat Gaa

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  1. Is it hard to believe that I’m saying I’m looking forward to the ups and DOWNS of being an expat? I cannot wait to be in Spain. Can it be September already?!

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    • We think you’ve had that idea for a while now, Mike! Hope your plans are coming along as smooth as can be expected with the Spanish government. You know where to find us if you need anything!

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  2. Looking forward to your return, guys. And be sure to try the breakfast curry. I hear it’s pretty good.

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  3. I’ve been in Spain a long time & would love to meet you Cat to talk about the distinctive cultural actions, vocab & social attitudes. I’m in Madrid.

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