COMO Consulting wants to help you move to Spain and live in Spain as seamlessly as possible. We’ve heard it all – from visa woes to buying a house to finding a Spanish class – and we’re sure you’ll find our services reliable, fast and honest.

Check out what clients are saying:

image1Lindsey Larson: After spending a year as a language assistant and realizing that I wanted to do more than teaching, I started drafting some crazy, alternative plans to stay another year in Spain. However, gathering research from the Internet can be so contradicting, so talking to a real person who had actually done this before was crucial.
I sent a quick email to COMO explaining my situation and she emailed me right back with the suggestion of a two week, unlimited email consultation. This was a new service of theirs and, honestly, I loved it. I was able to send Cat lengthy emails with all of my concerns and she answered every single question within 24 hours! If something was unclear or I wanted to know more, I was able to send follow-up emails that allowed me to explore other options I hadn’t thought about before. The best part? All of my answers were written down for me so I could look over them again and again for reference. COMO are hilarious, knowledgable, and expresses a genuine interest in their clients’ well-being. I would 100% recommend COMO Consulting!

Ellen S TestimonialEllen Stein: After two years of living in Spain as an Auxiliar de Conversación and dealing with the inefficient and tedious bureaucracy, I finally thought that I had it down. Unfortunately it turned out I hadn’t. When I went to apply for the Pareja de Hecho process in the province of Huelva, it turned out to be a much more complicated process than all my Spanish friends had made it out to be. Cat got right back to me and gave me all the information I needed to deal with the Extranjería and to obtain my new residency card. She even gave me her own personal story, which made me feel a lot better about how much the situation was stressing me. I highly recommend COMO Consulting to foreigners trying to navigate bureaucracy while living and working in Spain.


courtneyCourtney Grady: After studying abroad in Sevilla in the Spring of 2013, I had planned to move back after my graduation in May – nothing was going to stop me. That is except for the anxiety that came with waiting for a placement from the Auxiliar de Conversación program. After taking all the right steps to get TEFL Certified, gain experience, and apply to the program I wasn’t so sure I would be given a placement in Sevilla. I needed a back-up plan and I had only a month to prepare myself before I went out of town for the summer.

One day as I was searching for Sevilla blogs to follow when I stumbled on Cat’s Sunshine and Siestas blog and then found COMO Consulting. After sending one, super freaked-out e-mail to COMO, they quickly responded, calmed me down, and offered me various alternatives to get myself back to Sevilla. The one that stuck out as a viable option was coming to live and work as an AuPair. They provided websites and contacts for other AuPairs. I kept in contact throughout the whole family search and visa process, and whenever my mom asked who was helping me I just referred them as “My Sevillana Angels with the blog.”


darwinDarwin Ruiz: I was flying by the seat of my pants when I left the U.S. for Spain. I had started a long-distance relationship with a Spanish girl and I knew I needed to be with her. I sold all of my things and left California without doing much research on exactly what it takes to relocate to a new country.

I came across COMO’s website and saw two people who had done exactly what I was trying to do and who knew all the ins and outs of moving to Spain. I had questions, they had the answers.

Cat and Hayley were also able to refer me to the right resources to make sure I had everything I needed to establish myself in Spain quickly and easily. Having had the pleasure of meeting them in person, I know this is truly a labor or love. The women are passionate about the country, its people and its culture. But more importantly, they have the knowledge and resources to help others follow their own dreams in Spain.


COMO_TestimonialPhyllis Gunther: I was lucky enough to come across COMO Consulting several months ago while randomly researching Seville, my planned destination for three months of snowbird escape from the Canadian winter. I e-mailed to see if they would mind my asking her a few questions relevant to my personal situation and she responded in what I have found to be her unfailingly consistent pattern: prompt, cordial, friendly, willing and well-informed.

Over a period of months, my few questions became many, and Cat and Hayley replied to each one immediately and fully. Their invaluable, accurate assistance helped me with regard to transportation, choosing an apartment, prices, comparing cell phone plans and countless other aspects of a newcomer’s life in a foreign place.

Furthermore, their warm, informal and reassuring manner made me feel from afar that I already had friends in Seville. I would enthusiastically recommend COMO Consulting to anyone needing advice or assistance in visiting or re-locating to Seville.


COMO Testimonials_Lauren MadridLauren Coffey: A wealth of knowledge when it comes to moving to Spain with consistently accurate and thorough advice. The last time I asked  for help was when I was searching for a masters program in Sevilla, Spain. Cat and Hayley immediately made contact and promptly sent me an email full of website links, documents I would need, and personal anecdotes to help increase my chances of success. They care a lot and it’s obvious. I am convinced Cat and Hayley could answer any question about moving to Spain and then some. They truly are a beacon of hope for those of us who can get bogged down by Spanish bureaucracy.

Have queries about moving to Spain? Send us a message below or schedule a Skype session – we’re happy to help!