Summer Work in Spain: English Camps

Teaching English at a summer camp is an easy way to stay in Spain over the summer and make a bit of extra money in the process. The benefits are two-fold: not only will you be gainfully employed for up to two months, but you’ll also learn invaluable skills and give your resume a boost.

As the Spanish academic calendar ends in late June (June 22nd or 23rd is the last day at private and public schools in 2017), look for camps to start the last week of June and to run through July and August. However, don’t expect camps like those you went to as a kid – in Spain many day camps are held in urban areas and those that are residential, or sleep-away, are often multi-week.

Types of Summer Camps
There are two types of English camps: residential or day camps.

Residential camps are often outside urban areas and students and staff sleep in shared accommodation. Teachers at residential camps will receive room and board along with their teacher’s salary.

Day camps are non-residential, meaning that students make their way to the grounds in the morning and leave once activities are over. These sorts of camps are usually held in cities, and combine English and activities, such as sports or drama.

How much can I expect to be paid?
As a rule, most camps will not discuss wages until you’ve been offered a position. Expect to make anywhere between 600 to 1000 euros for a month’s work.

Is it necessary to have a TEFL degree?
TEFL certificates will certainly make you a more competitive candidate, but they are not always required.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 1.29.54 PM

What is the teaching load like?
This depends largely on the company you work for. Timetables range from three to five teaching  hours a day, with planning done outside of class. While some camps hire teachers solely to teach, others camps may require you to perform duties that a monitor or counselor would do, such as sleep in the same room as the campers or supervise during meal times.

There are usually training periods before campers arrive to familiarize employees with the camp’s teaching methodology, to decorate classrooms and to get to know the other teachers.

I’m ready to start my application. Where can I apply?


Location(s) Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Uclés (Cuenca), La Coruña, Pyrenees
Dates July; August work available based on performance
To Apply

Forenex is one of the oldest and best-known summer camp companies in Spain. Their courses are residential with the exception of Madrid, which is held in Las Rozas. Teachers are just that – teachers – and are not required to perform monitor duties.

The company also employs bloggers with a background in photography and writing as well as  technology teachers who have studied IT or have knowledge of Android and iPhone application design.

Camps run from the last week of June in Uclés through July. Teachers who excel in their positions during July may be offered work in August in Uclés.


Location(s) Cádiz province and Gredos (Ávila)
Dates Late June, July, August
To Apply

TECS, a subsidiary company of the Cádiz-based El Centro Inglés, has the market covered in Andalucía and offers a number of choices for campers and employees. Apart from teaching, you could apply for all sorts of coordinator positions or those with ample experience to be a camp director.

The TECS application is extensive. Information regarding the application, hiring process and each TECS camps are laid out cleanly here. There are a number of different positions available, from teacher to coordinator.

 Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 1.26.53 PM

Other camps of interest:
While we cannot speak from experience to the reputation of the following camps, check out these additional links for other teaching opportunities at English summer camps in Spain.

Kings College International

Campamentos de Ingles


Canadian Camp

Village Summer Camps in Cádiz

Centro Internacional de Idiomas CIDI

NewLink Cursos Idiomas Extranjero

Vaughn Systems

English Summer S.A.

Diverbo – Pueblo Inglés Kids

GMR Summer Camps

Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo

The Village

And don’t forget to search in your city or town for camps run by locals, by schools or even by English academies.


Any advice about teaching at summer camps?
Regardless of the fact that it’s a summer gig, remember you’ve been hired to do a job. Teaching English at a summer camp can be a lot of work and requires flexibility and organization.

Be open with recruiters about your strengths and weaknesses, the levels you’d be interested in teaching and camps you’d like to teach at.

Portray that you’re enthusiastic and a team player – even if you have little experience, showing that you can survive a month or two in close quarters with other teachers and campers can be a selling point.

Have you ever worked at a summer camp in Spain? 

Author: Cat Gaa

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  1. Can you recommend a English summer camp or short-term English program in Spain that also offers Spanish classes for myself?

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  2. I think residential camps would be like most of the people because residential camps are often outside urban areas and students and staff sleep in shared accommodation. I really like your way of thinking. Thanks for sharing this idea.

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  3. This sounds like an amazing opportunity. Is it quite competitive to get the job? I have a degree, CELTA and some experience teaching English.

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    • Hi Jackie, if you are qualified and native and can prove that you’re flexible and committed, you should be able to find a camp job easily. Good luck!

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  4. Hey, I am currently in A Coruna, working in a primary school as a English language assistant. I would like to fine somewhere to work in Spain during the summer for myself and my girlfriend. We both have degrees and a lot of experience in Spain, China and Ireland. Is there anything similar to camp america here in Spain, that we could apply for?

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    • Hi Ryan, no Camp America here – the only bases with Americans are Rota and Morón, both based in Andalucía, and I know for a fact that the latter doesn’t even have a school. The closest camp we know of is Village Camps, which are more activity-based. We both worked for Forenex in La Coruña if you want to stay local!

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  5. Where do you suggest is the best place to look first if I have been a Language Assistant for 2 years but hold no TEFL degree? A lot of camps seem to require TEFL, at least that is what they say.


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    • Hi Angela, Forenex suggests a TEFL degree, but doesn’t require them. No harm in sending your application to all – they’ll need people once June rolls around, so better to have your hat in the ring! You can also look for smaller, local camps put on by schools or organizations. Good luck.

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  6. Hi are there any camps/positions based in and around Bercelona?

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  7. Can I teach English at summer camps if I’m not a native speaker but I have a degree?

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    • Hi Natsya,
      That would depend on the qualifications each summer camp request their potential teacher’s meet. We’d encourage you to enquire directly with the camps you are interested in.

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  8. Hi, I am looking for a camp where I can teach English and my children can attend and learn Spanish—something bilingual. Is there anything like this you would recommend? This is a great resource–thanks!

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    • I am looking for the same thing! Have you had any luck?

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  9. Hi there,

    I am currently finishing off a two year contract teaching English in China and do have , TEFL certificate. I would love to come to Spain for the summer. I am on a South African passport, would this be an issue for the visa?



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    • Hi Tyla, you could ask at your nearest consulate about visas, though it looks like you can come for up to 90days on a tourist visa.

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  10. They have camps in Asia too during the summer and winter breaks. They are not exactly a camp like you would think. There’s not a lake, campfire or smores.

    It’s usually just more school at a private institute. So if you are looking for short term work in Asia such as in China, Korea, or Taiwan. You could show up during the summer and probably find some work without a visa.

    So you would have to score your own. If it’s just for a couple of months most do it on a tourist visa which isn’t really legal, but plenty do it and it’s only short term.

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  11. Hi, American guy here. Is there a problem then with not having an EU passport? Will my not having a work visa, only a tourist visa, be a potential problem?

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    • Hi Ryan, this depends on the camp. You’ll have to ask them if they require a Spanish social security number and work permission.

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  12. Hi. Are there any Camp employment opportunities for the Summer in August? (Even late July)

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    • Hi there, you’d have to ask companies directly. Some base August employment on performance in July, but it never hurts to ask!

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  13. Hi there,

    Both my girlfriend and I would like to apply for a summer camp in August.
    We are both qualified teachers who possess master’s degrees and TEFL certificates.
    We would like to know where you would recommend.


    Post a Reply
    • Hi Andy,
      There are a lot of camps out there and we’ve only had the opportunity to work for a few of them. We think your best option would be to apply to those that seem most suited to your interests and make sure you are clear about conditions before accepting any offers. All the best!

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  14. Hi, my name is Alessandro and i’m italian. I have a son, Giovanni, 14 years old, and i would like to send him in spain to have a 2/3 weeks english full immersion experience. He studied english and spain for 3 years at primary school in italy (elementary level).

    I don’t want to send him in England to avoid to spend his period with other italian guys and obviously talk in italian.

    Do you have some proposal form us ?

    Thanks a lot


    Post a Reply
    • Hi Alessandro,
      This article was intended for native English speakers looking for work at English summer camps in Spain. All of the companies mentioned above run summer camps – but only you can determine which one might be the best fit for your son!

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  15. Looks like an exciting and interesting teaching opportunity here. I wonder how hard or easy it is to get the job.

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  16. I am a few months away from graduating with a degree in early childhood education, and an ESL certificate. Last summer, I worked for a program that allowed students from Spain, and other countries to come to Chicago and take English classes while exploring the city and going on excursions. I did not teach this program but lead many excursions and planned activities. I would like to work in Spain this summer, which camp would you recommend for me?

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Olivia, any of the camps listed would be a fine fit for you. Applications usually open around January but are quite competitive.

      I’m from Chicago, myself. Go, Cubs, Go!

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  17. my Name is hiba and im 23years old im from algeria ihave lisence in english please anawer me soon

    Post a Reply
    • Dear Maafa, we are a residency consulting company. If you’d like to apply for English teaching jobs, you will have to contact the companies directly. Good luck!

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  18. Hi there, I’m going to be seventeen next summer and was wondering if you guys knew of any day camps that would employ minors? I have tons of experience working and volunteering with kids and speak both English and Spanish. Thanks so much!

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Ana,
      We don’t know personally of any camps that hire minors – we’d suggest getting in contact directly to ask. January is a great month to start applying!

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  19. Hi, I was wondering which camps have the least amount of physical activities or require teachers to only teach and not do any other activities? I have a bad back but I am a good teacher. I am 20 by the way.

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    • Hi There,
      You’d have to reach out personally to each camp to see what they require of their teachers outside of class. Best of luck to you!

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  20. Hi,
    I am a fully qualified primary teacher in Scotland. I love the sound of working in a Spanish camp over the summer. Do I need to be able to speak Spanish? And how does the length of time vary? I would only be looking to work for 4 weeks?

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Amy,
      Each camp will have their own set of requirements, camp dates, locations, etc. – the best thing you can do is start applying and make sure to mention these concerns if you get an interview!

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  21. Interested in staying over the summer to work in summer camp, however not sure how to extend a visa or renew my visa in order to do that?

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  22. hey, I would like to work in a summer camp, but eventhough I have experience teaching English to kids I am still not a native speaker. Is that a problem? Knowing that I have a native speaker level English.

    Post a Reply
    • Hi There,
      While some camps to look for native speakers, others just look for someone with a high level and experience. The best way to find out is by applying!

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  23. Hello,

    I am a bilingual teacher in the US and would like to teach English in Spain over the summer. I do have a family which includes a husband and small child I would like to go with me. Am I able to tech at one of these camps during the day and then spend the evening, nights, and weekend with my family?

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    • Hi Christine,
      There are plenty of day camps (as opposed to residential camps) in Spain. It’s simply a matter of applying to the camps the best fit your interests!

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