Moving to Spain? Join us for SPAINEXPO, the largest digital conference for aspiring expats to Spain!

The process for moving to Spain can be daunting and sometimes even more so for non-European citizens! At COMO, we’re asked a lot about visas and how to obtain them, what residency options are available to non-EU citizens, how to go about teaching abroad and of course, how to make Spain a long-term home — it’s what we do best!

And we’re sharing all of our knowledge with you – for free!

We’re thrilled to announce that we will be a part of the largest online conference about moving to and living in Spain, SPAINEXPO! This FREE conference is 100% digital and will include talks, tips and workbooks from over 20 experts


SPAINEXPO is a digital conference for those who wish to move to Spain or for those who have already landed. The event is not exclusive to non-EU citizens, and many of our peers will be presenting with people of every passport color!

The organizers have lined up more than 20 interesting and value-packed conversations with experts like COMO Consulting, who will share their knowledge on topics such as buying property, the Spanish school system, opening and operating a business in Spain, and much more. The event itself will run for 5 days online and is completely free!

Get your free ticket here:

We’ll be joined by other Spanish expat experts and bloggers such as Ali Meehan, the founder of Costa Women, and Maxine Raynor of Money Saver Spain. Our talk will be available all week for you to download or stream – we’ll focus on how to prepare for your move to Spain, how to navigate the visa process, ways you can stay in Spain legally as well as how to become an auxiliar de conversación – what got us to Spain in the first place!

How does SPAINEXPO work?

This free series of talks can be accessed via the SPAINEXPO webpage and talks will be available for 24 hours. The first day of the conference, November 5th, will focus on moving to Spain, and you can visit our page and hear our talk that day (and as many times as you’d like n 24 hours). After 24 hours, the talk will only be available to VIPs.

The SPAINEXPO schedule is divided into themes: day one will focus on moving to Spain basics and aspect of family life. Day two is about investing in property and the ins and outs of taxes and the third about building in Spain. Day four is dedicated to working in Spain and becoming a digital entrepreneur and the fifth day wraps up with talks on culture and settling in Spain.

If you’d like to learn more or want to save your SPAINEXPO resources for future reference, the organizers are offering the opportunity to purchase a VIP ticket with bonuses and permanent access to the conference recordings, workbooks, and more for 45€. A VIP ticket means lifetime access to the knowledge and know-how of nearly two dozen experts in moving to Spain. Whether or not you’re currently in the country or merely dreaming of moving to Spain, the insider advice you’ll receive with SPAINEXPO is immeasurable!

What is COMO Consulting Spain?

COMO Consulting is an online residency consultation bureau about moving to, living and working in Spain primarily geared towards assisting North Americans and other non-EU passport holders. Its founders and relocations experts, Cat Gaa and Hayley Salvo, have over two decades’ worth of expertise when it comes to Spanish bureaucracy, visa and residency permits to live and work in Spain and teaching abroad; Salvo holds a Master’s in Spanish Immigration Law from the Spanish Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía.

You can visit our SPAINEXPO page online. Join us on Monday, November 5th!

Join us for this fun and valuable online event, where we share our knowledge and tips about moving to Spain as a non-EU citizen. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation with us outside of the digital conference, please write us at

Author: Cat Gaa

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