Pareja de Hecho in Spain: A Step-by-Step-Guide to Legalizing Your Love

All’s fair in love and war… but not bureaucracy.

You swear it was Spain you fell in love with first, between waking up late, long lunches and staying out until it was time for churros. But you aren’t fooling anyone – you fell hard for a Spaniard (or European!) just as much as you did the lifestyle, food and language of España.

We can’t blame you there.

While you may only have eyes for that special someone, the Spanish government’s got their eyes on your TIE or tourist visa expiration date. Sure, there’s Skype and absence makes the heart grow fonder and all, but leaving Spain and your querid@ all at once? Cue the frantic Google searches and tough talks.

Perhaps you have reached the conclusion that your best, or maybe only, option to legally live and work in Spain is marriage or pareja de hecho.

After fielding dozens of Skype consultations and information petitions, editing our popular How to do Pareja de Hecho in Spain article – the only one in English on the web! – and helping couples legalize their love via civil unions in Spain, we decided to pen a comprehensive book about the Where, Whys and Hows of doing pareja de hecho in Spain.

This book, over 100 pages long!, takes you through every aspect of the process of pareja de hecho with a few anecdotes, shortcuts and loopholes along the way. From vocabulary to help you understand and procure the necessary paperwork, to contact information for each region of Spain, we cut out the need for pricey lawyers or running around, helping you successfully register your romance in your comunidad’s registry and not stress out about renewals for a few years.

How to do Pareja de Hecho ebook

What is Pareja de Hecho?

Way back in the late 90s, Spain realized that Holy Matrimony was way too antiquated for a country that was thriving and modernizing rapidly, so the government proposed a change to the traditional family model. Pareja de hecho (also known as pareja estables or uniones de hecho) was born as a way to give couples who did not wish to marry the same rights as the old married couple across the hall – from pensions to child care to health benefits, just to name a few.

For us guiris, a civil union also allows us to stay in Spain under a scheme similar to that of marriage, granting us residency and work permission for five years at a time.

We saw the need to write a book that covered more than just the basics – each Comunidad Autónoma treats civil unions in their own way, meaning there are 17 different laws, and in some regions variations from one municipality to the next!

What rights do I have?

The biggest benefit to pareja de hecho is that it grants the non-EU partner legal residence in Spain, as well as the right to work and all that comes along with it. You’ll also be given semi-permanent residency for five years, making it easier for you to do essentially everything in Spain.

If you’re looking for the differences between marriage and pareja de hecho in Spain, check out our blog post on the subject.

Where do I sign up? What paperwork do I need?

If pareja de hecho sounds like the right option for you love birds, the first section of the eBook addresses topics like:

  • Basic rights and norms
  • Important vocabulary
  • Documentation and how to obtain it

In these 20 pages, you’ll have all of the information necessary to gather the paperwork you’ll be asked for and know the basics of the whole ordeal. Then, we delve into the exact requirements for your Autonomous Region.

PDH pages preview

How can I obtain pareja de hecho in my comunidad?

As we mentioned, civil union regulations differ from comunidad to comunidad, so we’ve included region-specific information about all 17 of them, including:

  • Fast facts that set your region’s normativa apart from others
  • All of the paperwork necessary for both the Spanish partner and the non-EU partner
  • Information pertinent to your Autonomous Community, such as how to legalize documents, what vecinidad is and how to obtain it plus a few loopholes and exceptions
  • How to turn in your documentation and what to expect at the appointment
  • Relevant contact information and addresses for the registries in your province
  • When you’ll hear back on your case

My case is a liiiiitle tricky…

Love is never easy, so we added several pages about the most common questions that we get, from breaking up to taking out a tarjeta comunitaria, or residency card, as well as exploring sample cases we’ve gotten in the past.

And what makes you guys experts?

Not only did Cat do pareja de hecho in 2010 before it was a well-known and oft done bureaucratic process, but both Cat and Hayley have advised dozens of couples since that time on both a formal and informal basis. Like we said – that’s what prompted us to write Pareja de Hecho in Spain: A Step-by-Step Guide to Legalizing Your Love in the first place!

This eBook has everything you need to get started on the paperwork, ask for an appointment and be prepared for interviews during the process. It’s the result of investigating, interviewing, fact-checking and writing, and it makes Pareja de Hecho in Spain not only up-to-date but easy to use.

You can buy Pareja de Hecho in Spain from our online shop through PayPal securely and easily – simply click on the link, enter your details and download. As our way of saying gracias, we’re also offering a 10% discount code on any future services you contract with COMO.

So here’s to the age-old adage that “The course of true love never did run smooth” and our hoping that this book means smooth sailing on your way to legalizing your love through pareja de hecho in Spain!

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