Getting a Carnet Joven/European Youth Discount Card in Spain

Ah, youth. The period of your life when everything is confusing, the future is uncertain and when you rely – perhaps more heavily than necessary – on others to stay afloat. But don’t worry, friends. The Spanish government has got your back on this one!

Given that the unemployment rate in Spain is climbing as fast as taxes, the Andalusian government became the first autonomous community in the country to amplify the carnet joven, a discount card that can be redeemed at places all around Andalucía and Spain.

COMO_Europea Youth Card

Valid until the day you turn 31, shops, beauty parlors and even hotels will give you discounts when the card is presented along with a photo ID. It’s similar to the ISIC card and can save you oodles on all types of services. Plus, at only 6€, the card will easily pay for itself.

Can I get the Carnet Joven?

If you’re between the ages of 14 and 30 and residing legally in Spain, the answer is yes!

What you’ll need:

  • original and photocopy of your NIE (or in its absence, your passport and proof of residency in Andalucía)
  • an application form (impreso de la solicitud)
  • Proof of being Andalusian or proof of residence in the Andalusian community (usually your NIE will suffice, if not, a housing contract, bill or even university acceptance letter will do)
  • 6€ for the card processing fee

Where to go:

The Institutos Andaluces de Jóvenes as well as some local banks and any offices of información juvenil in villages are authorized to process your Carnet Joven paperwork. Click here to look for the location nearest you.

Upon turning in your paperwork you’ll be given form Modelo 046 which you must take to a any bank in order to pay the 6€ fee, called a tasa. After paying the fee, make your way back to the office and present the receipt. Many cards can be processed in the same day if paperwork is turned in before 1p.m.

We’d suggest going to the Dirección Provincial de Información de Atención Juvenil in your province to not only turn in your documentation, but to also pick up brochures with information on all the available discounts. These offices are generally open from 9 a.m. unilt 2 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Province Contact Details
Almería C/ General Tamayo, 2304001-AlmeríaTlf: 950 00 66 00Fax: 950 00 66 20
Córdoba C/ Adarve, 214002-CórdobaTlf: 957 35 22 40Fax: 957 35 22 41
Huelva C/Rico, 2621001-HuelvaTlf: 959 01 19 50Fax: 959 01 19 51
Málaga C/ Carretería, 729008-MálagaTlf: 951 04 09 19Fax: 951 04 09 20
Cádiz Plaza de la Candelaria, Nº 611005-CádizTlf: 956 00 75 00Fax: 956 00 75 20
Granada C/ Ancha de Santo Domingo, 118009-GranadaTlf: 958 02 58 50Fax: 958 02 58 70
Jaén C/Arquitecto Berges, 34 – A23007-JaénTlf: 953 00 19 50Fax: 953 00 19 70
Sevilla C/O´Donnell, 2241001-SevillaTlf: 955 03 63 50Fax: 955 03 63 60

Where it’s valid

Most businesses that offer discounts with the card will have a decal reading, AQUI SI, CARNET JOVEN. For a full list click here. Just remember, your discount is only valid is the Carnet Joven is presented along with the document you used to apply, be it your NIE or passport.

COMO_Carnet Joven Andaluz

Within Spain get discounts on train tickets, at the cinema and theatre, on bus lines, and in museums and restaurants. There are even participating clothing stores, so never hesitate to ask if the card is accepted when you reach for your wallet.

The Carnet Jóven is also valid in 40 European countries (check out the European Youth Card page) so pack it with your passport!

I lost my card!

If you lose or misplace your Carnet Joven, don’t panic – just bring another copy of your NIE or passport along with form Anexo 1 back to the same or a different participating office and your card will be replaced free of charge.


Author: Cat Gaa

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  1. is this card valid for buses, like Tussam?

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  2. This is great! Maybe it`s my computer, but I couldn`t get the links for the Anexo 1 form or the list of places you can go to apply for the card.

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    • Hey Sarah! Thanks for the heads up. We’ve modified the links, but it looks like the link to the form (previously identified as Anexo 1) is broken on the website. You should be able to get a copy in person if the link isn’t fixed!

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  3. Hey, I am wondering, if I would like to purchase the card from a local Spanish office, I would have to be a resident of Spain? I’m currently living in the UK, and I am a little worried that I might not get the card within the 2 weeks, and the eyca website says that “You don’t have to be a citizen of the given country, you just have to be under 26 or under 31 years of age – local conditions and prices apply. To find a local European Youth Card branch please click here and select a country/region from the drop-down menu.” Thanks in advance!

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    • Hi Sophia,
      If you are getting a youth card in Spain then you need to be a resident in Spain – if you don’t have a NIE you could show proof of empadronamiento or a rental contract.

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  4. Is there a card like this for Galicia residents? What is cutoff age?

    Also if there is no card there like this,how might a Galego get a Carnet Joven and what “proof” would be easiest?

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    • Yes all European communities have the carnet joven, which is valid until the day you turn 31 in Spain. You can inquire at the Ayuntamiento in your city.

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  5. I am Reeman Mozaffar currently residing at Barcelona.I am interested to get membership of youth discount card. Please let me know the eligibility and if I am qualify for that. Also how can I apply for (online/mail)… Thanks for assistance!

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