Cost of Living in Spain

Deciding to move to Spain is easy; but figuring out how you’ll afford it is a totally different issue. That’s why we’ve devised a short questionnaire to get to the bottom of exactly how different expats around the country see the Cost of Living in Spain.

From Madrid to Málaga, Santiago to Sevilla, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Palma de Mallorca, we’ll be covering destinations big and small with the help of other extranjeros living and working in Spain.


COMO Consulting’s survey about what it costs to live in Spain aims at giving you an idea of what it will cost to live in different cities and towns around the country, including everything from rent and utilities to entertainment or even the guilty pleasures we always seem to factor into monthly budgets. What isn’t included is healthcare costs, childcare costs or other expenses that one may incur: keep in mind that this is a budget for one person.

Here’s what we’ve asked our respondents: 

  1. What do you do for work?
  2. What was your living situation?
  3. How did you find your flat?
  4. How much was your rent?
  5. What did you spend on average a month on utilities?
  6. What cell phone company did you use and what plan did you have?
  7. What did you pay for internet?
  8. What did you spend on average a month on groceries?
  9. Did you have any other sources of income?
  10. Were you able to save any money and if so how much?
  11. What was your favorite tapas or pintxos bar and what did you usually order there?
  12. What was your favorite afternoon coffee or breakfast hangout?
  13. What was your favorite disco or bar de copas in your city?
  14. How did you get around?
  15. What was your favorite thing about living in your city?
  16. What did you dislike about living in your city?
  17. How easy was it to travel around Spain and Europe from your city?
  18. Your guilty pleasure purchases in Spain?
  19. What are the top attractions in your city?
  20. What’s something you wish someone had told you before moving to Spain?


Cat and Hayley at the Feria de Abril

Cat and Hayley – Sevilla capital

Megan – Sevilla capital (Auxiliar)

 Anna - Cordoba capital, Andalucía

Anna – Cordoba capital, Andalucía

Josh - Granada capital, Andalucía

Josh – Granada capital

 Hannah - Jaén capital

Hannah – Jaén capital

Brittany, Priego de Córdoba

Brittany, Priego de Córdoba, Córdoba

Amy - Malaga

Amy – Málaga capital

Jessica - Antequera, Málaga

Jessica – Antequera, Málaga


 Ivy - Zaragoza

Ivy – Zaragoza


Liz – Santander capital

Castilla – La Mancha

 Bryn - Ciudad Real

Bryn – Ciudad Real

Castilla y León

Aranda del Duero (Burgos)

Julia – Aranda del Duero, Burgos



Hannah – Cáceres

Chelsea, Mérida

Chelsea – Mérida

La Rioja

Marcela - Logroño

Marcela – Logroño


Jessica Wray

Jessica – Madrid capital, BEDA assistant

Stacey - Madrid capital, Elementary Teacher

Stacey – Madrid capital, Elementary Teacher


Kaley – Madrid capital

Laurie - Alcalá de Hernares

Laurie – Alcalá de Hernares

 Laura - Aranjuez, Madrid

Laura – Aranjuez, Madrid


Sienna H. - Murcia city

Sienna – Murcia city

Islas Baleares


Hannah – Palma de Mallorca

País Vasco

Jenny, Bilbao

Jenny – Bilbao


Name - La Coruña

Kat – La Coruña


Heather – Noia

Ferrol - Laura

Laura – Ferrol

Jessie - Pontevedra

Jessie – Pontevedra

Jarrett - Ribeira

Jarrett – Ribeira


Trevor – Santiago de Compostela

 Amy - Sarria, Lugo

Amy – Sarria, Lugo


Allison - Valencia capital

Allison – Valencia

All prices are as of late 2015; please hold tight while we continue to update.

Don’t see a city you’re considering here? Want to participate in our survey to tell other about your city? Drop us a line at  – we’d love to hear from you!