COMO Consulting is your first step to understanding life in Spain. COMO caters specifically to the needs of non-EU ex-pats who are either thinking of relocating to Spain or to those wishing to further establish themselves.

With nearly 20 years of shared experience living in Andalucía, Hayley Salvo and Cat Gaa have become experts in moving to, and living and working in Southern Spain, as well as traveling around the country and Europe. COMO Consulting is an extension of their robust knowledge of the region, and they can help make your move to Spain a successful one through insightful and up-to-date information and contacts.

We can help make your transition to Spain a smooth one by offering you relocation services such as residency application assistance, job search support, legal advice on permanent and semi-permanent residency and access to higher studies, or even just a contact in the country. Our testimonials speak for themselves – our experience and knowledge is trusted by dozens who have used our services and made the move to live and work in Spain. We aim to make your life in Spain as painless as possible, and with our network of professionals, we’re confident we can provide the most accurate information with a friendly and personal touch.

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