A Look at Life in Spain: #MySpainLife Winners

There’s no denying that Spain is a picturesque country, from the shiny azulejo tiles in Andalucía to the stark plains of La Mancha, and the snow capped Pyrenees mountains, there is beauty in ever corner of the Peninsula.

But what happens when your life in Spain is more than just what you see in a guide book?

COMO set out to find what sorts of things make your Spain Life tick. Is it the red tape? Solomillo al whisky at your favorite neighborhood bar? Remembering that Spain is crazy old? We wanted to know what la vida española is to you.

Picking a winner from 25 entries was hard. Many of you tweeted us with pictures of mundane household chores and incredible views from your humble abodes. To both of our whims, we also got loads of food pictures! But, alas, there was a prize up for grabs, and we had to choose.

MySpainLife Collage

However, before we get the winners, we’d like to thank all of the participants in the #MySpainLife photo challenge, with a very special gracias going to @CaserExpat, our co-sponsors of the contest, who are providing the winner with a 100€ gift card to El Corte Inglés.

We based our selection on more than just aesthetic pleasure (and we’re very much into photography) – because we wanted you to give us a taste of YOUR Spain Life. Reviewing the entries, we’d nod our heads in agreement with your vignettes. Each of the photos carried an essence of life in Spain, without a doubt.

Second runner up goes to Courtney M. and her ukulele. Spain may be famous for its beaches and late-night parties but those fortunate enough to live here also work hard for that privilege. Winding down after a long day at work is crucial and Courtney does so by playing her ukulele. Keep on strumming!

4984f70367d25cbf33609dd9bd6fd267Follow Courtney on Twitter @cjminifee

We had several similar entries depicting one of Spain’s most emblematic past-times and it’s probably not what you might think. Forget flamenco dancing and bull fighting, because the simple act of hanging ones laundry out to dry on clotheslines (and not losing a sock or two in the process) plays a much larger part in an average Spaniard’s daily life. Congratulations to first runner-up Dina, whose artistic take on this daily chore was simply beautiful.

f6e6bb773d0bde35bd9752adae5af3eaFollow Dina: @buenosdinas

And now, drum roll, please.

First prize goes to John of @John_malaga. Spain may be well known for many things, jamón and Don Quixote among them, but to us, nothing speaks more to Spain’s core values than family. We love how jovial John’s son looks as he leaps fearlessly into the pool below.


Honorable mentions to pictures that made us giggle. We had a good laugh with John L, who had a few unconventional running buddies – an Andalusian stallion and his rider, in full Cordobés dress! And Jennifer in Barcelona, who reminded us that orderly fashion has no place in Spain when it comes to walking on the sidewalk or even in the hallway.

So, to all, muchísimas gracias – it was fun to host!

If you’re considering moving to Spain, there’s of course room for the typical – chances are you’ll catch a flamenco show and take part in el tapeo – but there are so many more things that make living in Spain special. If you’re interested in making Spain your home, we’re here to help!

If you haven’t seen all of the entries, follow us on Pinterest and check out the #MySpainLife board!

Author: Cat Gaa

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  1. I loved seeing all the variations on this main theme. I found myself nodding in agreement with the images of people, the great outdoors, and Jennifer’s lets-take-up-the-whole-sidewalk crowd!

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    • Yours was definitely spot-on, too, Cassandra! During Cat’s first day of study abroad, her host mom made her do her first paseo!

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  2. THANK you so much Cat and Hayley!!! I can’t believe it. Family is everything in Spain. There’s nothing more important….Thanks again 🙂

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    • It’s definitely a lot of fun, and just what you say – enduring. Now we need to find a pool to jump into…qué caló!

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  3. This was a pleasure to read and see so much diversity in what people appreciate about Spain! Especially for me since I’ll be visiting Spain for my first time in two months. I might reach out to you all directly for some advice. I’ll be traveling from Madrid, to Segovia, Seville, Ronda, Barcelona, Rioja, Lagrono and San Sebastian :). Just a little worried I’m trying to do too much in 12 days!


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  1. Oh Wow!!! Can't believe it……one of my pictures just won the first prize on the +COMO Consulting: Live and Work in Spain competition!!! | privy2.com - […] A Look at Life in Spain: #MySpainLife WinnersCOMO recently held a photo competition in conjunction with Caser Expat Insurance…

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