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We’ve been there, too – you want to move to Spain, but don’t know where to start. You read, you research (you probably tear your hair out), and you ask. Your visa is approved, you purchase your plane tickets, but then what?

As expats, we now joke about those first few weeks in Spain. Nothing made sense as we traipsed through town looking for a place to live, fumbled to open a bank account and tried to negotiate mobile phone plans and internet service. Eventually, we learned to love (and cook) tortilla de patatas, to navigate Spanish bureaucracy and take life as it came. Nine years later, we’re both still here and that’s why we created the eBook Moving to Spain: A Comprehensive Guide to Your First Weeks on the Iberian Peninsula. In its 130+ pages, we cover how to set up in your new life in the Spanish sun.

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Moving to Spain has all of the relevant information you’ll need for your first few weeks in Spain – from filing paperwork to finding flats or even earning extra income, it’s all in there. Plus, COMO has included all of the necessary Spanish vocabulary and phrases to get you started, anecdotes of our own mistakes and how to avoid them, and just the right amount of humor. It’s easy to read, download and reference.

What have we included? To be perfectly honest, we could have written ten books about moving to Spain, but our eBook covers the most important issues. In each of the ten chapters you’ll find information on:

Packing Do’s and Dont’s

  • advice on voltage and appliances
  • what to bring from home and what to buy in Spain
  • a printable checklist of what to pack (and what to leave at home!)

Arrival Paperwork

  • where and how to apply for a residency card
  • the necessary steps to register with your local city hall
  • why exactly a NIE is your golden ticket in Spain

Looking for a Place to Live

  • how to get started and where to look
  • deciphering websites searches
  • the most important questions to ask potential landlords

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Selecting Mobile Phone and Internet Providers 

  • Spain’s top providers
  • how to unlock and use a phone from home
  • making the most of phone and internet plans and prices

Banking in Spain

  • advice on opening and closing accounts
  • a run-down of Spain’s largest banks
  • making transfers and how to avoid fees

Health Care in Spain

  • what’s covered (and not)
  • how to get prescriptions filled
  • common Spanish medications for everyday ailments

Traveling Around Spain

  • links to websites to get you on the road
  • information regarding international driving permits
  • helpful money-saving tips

The Spanish School System

  • an introduction to school subjects
  • the biggest differences between schools in Spain and other countries
  • a list of national holidays for 2016-17!

Teaching Private Classes

  • tips for finding private tutoring jobs including example ads to jump-start your search
  • ten fail-proof games and lesson planning ideas
  • an exhaustive list of online resources and our favorite books

Spanish Culture 101

  • a typical day in Spain
  • putting to rest rumors and stereotypes
  • a crash course in Spanish manners

Essentially, it was the book we wish we had back in 2007 and we’re confident that you won’t regret your purchase.

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You can buy Moving to Spain from our online shop through PayPal securely and easily – simply click on the link, enter your details and download. As our way of saying gracias, we’re also offering a 10% discount code on any future services you contract with COMO.

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