Moving to Spain: COMO Consulting’s New eBook

They say experience is the best teacher; as teachers ourselves, we find this to be partially true. But, who says you can’t ask for a little help once in a while?

cat packing

Cat overpacked for Spain. 2007

Let’s rewind nine years. Cat and Hayley are on flights from their hometowns to Spain to participate in language assistant programs; Cat to teach high schoolers near Seville with the Ministry of Education, and Hayley, in El Puerto de Santa María, to share a classroom with the little ones through CIEE. Apart from culture shock, difficulties grappling with the language and no one to turn to, we were both journalism graduates with no idea how to handle a classroom. Oh, and everything in Spain, from opening bank accounts to finding an apartment, was tough.


Hayley took this incredibly embarrassing photo. 2007

But we survived and we learned, and that’s the basic principle behind COMO Consulting: to help you move to Spain – teaching English or otherwise – as smoothly and as enjoyably as possible. That’s why we’ve written an eBook to make sure your first weeks in Spain and your first steps to setting up your life here are as hassle-free as possible. You’ve got the visa and the flight, but what comes next?

Moving to Spain: A Comprehensive Guide to Your First Weeks Teaching English in Iberia

What You’ll Get
Moving to Spain is a nine chapter, 135-paged book that covers your first weeks in Spain, from getting residency paperwork sorted to earning extra income. We’ve included information that we think will be relevant to first-time expats in Spain, especially those participating in an English teaching program.

Rest assured, we’ve made the eBook easy to read and in a logical progression that coincides with the first steps you’ll take to get settled in Spain. It’s also factual, up-to-date and with just a dash of humor – an expat in Spain’s best friend.

A Preview of Chapters and How We’ve Broken It Down
We based Moving to Spain on our own experiences living and working in Spain by starting with the questions we had, from packing woes to paying bills. Things have certainly changed since 2007, so we updated everything by speaking with experts: consulates, companies and other well-established expats.

book pages preview

Each chapter starts with an anecdote with how we messed up, followed by all the pertinent vocabulary and expressions you’ll need to get each task done.

From there, each chapter is chock-full of information to help you understand Spanish systems and get step-by-step advice for everything from choosing a mobile phone and rate plan to setting up private classes.

The nine chapters include:

Packing for Spain: What should I bring and not bring? What is the voltage conversion? I’m an auxiliar: what materials should I pack for school?

Arrival Paperwork: What’s my first step? Does residency mean citizenship? Where do I go for a NIE, and what’s it needed for? How do I get empadronado?

Looking For a Place To Live: What are the major websites to use for apartment hunting? How much will I pay for a deposit? What questions should I ask a renter or landlord? What happens if I don’t have a contract?

Selecting a Mobile Phone and Internet ProviderIs it expensive to have a mobile phone? What’s a toque? Are those internet sticks worth it? How do I set up internet in my rented flat?

Banking in Spain: What’s the difference between a cuenta residente and a cuenta no residente? How has the financial crisis affected Spain? I read about FATCA; will this new law affect me? How can I make international transfers?

Health Care in Spain: What’s covered under my insurance? What should I do if I have an emergency? Do English-speaking doctors exist? How can I fill a prescription?

Traveling Around Spain: How can I get to and from my job placement? What companies operate in Spain? Any money-saving tips to maximize my budget?

The Spanish School System: How are schools broken into courses? What do students study? And of course, when are my days off?

Teaching Private Classes: How do I find tutoring gigs? How much should I charge? What should I do during class time? Are there any fun games to play?

Spanish Culture 101: How do Spaniards dress? Is it true that they’re all Catholic? What’s a typical day like? When are business hours?

In short, all of the questions that we had as newbies to Spain have been answered in Moving to Spain: A Comprehensive Guide to Your First Weeks on the Iberian Peninsula. It’s informative, honest and helpful to anyone making the big move.

You can download Moving to Spain by clicking the image below. This will route you to our online store where you can purchase the book using PayPal.

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Our feedback from these indispensable guides speak for themselves:

Holly feedback Damir feedback Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 6.11.59 PM

If you act now and buy Moving to Spain, we’re also giving you 10% off our services, be it a Skype session, residency consultations, paperwork hints or long-term issues like driving, pareja de hecho or job search assistance.

We’re confident that Moving to Spain is the best resource for young people making the jump to España. Click here to connect to our online store and download Moving to Spain for 10 euros – a small price to pay for sanity or peace of mind or even a little reassurance.

As always, if you have any questions regarding moving to, working in or living in Spain, please get in touch at

Author: Como Consulting Spain

Cat and Hayley are relocation specialists who can help you move to, live in and work in Spain. We'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Just purchased! Really looking forward to reading this tonight while I start packing and get ready to leave for Spain in a couple of days 🙂 I LOVE the graphics and the layout so far. And I’m so happy to support other young writers and expats trying to do something different. Well done ladies and best of luck to you with your new ebook!

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    • Hey Blayne – much appreciated! We hope you find the book to be useful in many ways, and certainly give us a shout if you have any follow-up questions. Best of luck with your aventura española!

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  2. Just purchased! Really looking forward to reading this tonight while I start packing and get ready to leave for Spain in a couple of days 🙂 I LOVE the graphics and the layout so far. And I’m so happy to support other young writers and expats trying to do something different. Well done ladies and best of luck to you with your new ebook!

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    • Thanks, Jennifer, and we appreciate your shares! Maybe next time, we’ll write about traveling Spain with kids!

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  3. Thanks so much for putting this together. I think it would be incredibly helpful! We spent a few months in Spain last year, and I have to say that, while a beautiful and wonderful country, there is definitely a lot of red tape involved in anything official in Spain :). This would be well worth it for the banking and health care sections alone!
    Micki recently posted…Four Gorgeous Greek Islands Off The Beaten TrackMy Profile

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